If you wish to send brochures and/or merchandise from other countries via Courier to the 107th AAPA Annual Convention to be held in Valparaiso, Chile, either to deliver from your booth or to be included in the participants’ bag, please take these indications into account:

    • It is recommended to use Courier or Postal Services that include the DDP clause with Door-to-Door service.

    • Don’t forget to check the transit time offered by the carrier.

    • Along with the cargo, it is mandatory to attach a proforma invoice with the description, unit value and total value of the merchandise, even if it didn’t have sales purposes.

    • Any shipment by courier or mail cargo considers the payment of taxes (6% duty and 19% VAT of the CIF value) between USD 30 FOB and USD 1.000 FOB.

    • In the event that the amount exceeded the USD 1.000 FOB, you must necessarily hire the services of a Customs Agent (contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in this case).

    • In case you needed to ship equipment or machinery, it must be entered with a Temporary Admission (free of charges if authorized by customs). To do this, you must hire the services of a Customs Agent (contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in this case)..

    • All shipments or merchandise that were associated with the event must be consigned to Puerto Valparaíso, Rut. 61.952.7003 to the address:

      • Errazuriz #25
      • Zip Code 2361629
      • Valparaíso, CHILE

All packages must read "CVII Convención AAPA Valparaíso 2018”


1) When shipping material via Courier, please do it at least 30 days before the date of the event, in order to secure storage availability. If any other means of transport was chosen, it will depend on the time in transit committed to the dispatch.
2) The material should be scheduled to arrive between thirty (30) and seven (7) business days prior to the show’s opening.
3) AAPA VALPARAÍSO 2018 will not be responsible for the material sent out of term, or material which was retained at customs for not fulfilling current customs requirements in Chile, or that didn’t fulfill the shipping instructions proportioned by the Organization.
4) Estimated number of participants: 600.
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The convention

The Port and the city of Valparaíso are proud to host the 107th AAPA Annual Convention, the largest port event in the Americas, which gathers the major players and leaders of this industry, worldwide.
After several years, this event returns to Latin America and for the first time it is held in South America, to discuss the main port projects, enjoy an intense social activity, networking opportunities and generate business contacts in a commercial display where the most representative supplier companies of the industry take part. The AAPA Annual Convention - the most important membership meeting -, will take place in this charming city, full of history, multiple attractions and a peculiar geography, that makes this destination a unique and special place and the ideal setting for enjoying an event that will remain in the memory of all its participants.

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